Analysis and evaluation of Comparable Corpora for Under Resourced Areas of machine Translation

08 Jul 11

ACCURAT project at NooJ2011

ACCURAT project at NooJ2011
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Posted by: Aivars

The NooJ (author Max Silbersztein) is a very popular development environment for construction of formal grammars and their immediate application to corpora. NooJ community organises its yearly conferences regularly in May or June. During 2011-06-13 and 2011-06-16 the NooJ conference took place in the Centre for Advance Academic Studies, University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Within this three day conference an exhibition of European project was organised where ACCURAT project poster was presented. At the main conference a paper by Daša Berović, Danijela Merkler and Željko Agić Disambiguation of homographic adjective and adverb forms in Croatian was presented. You can watch this presentation at our video lectures pages.